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betty&ko is a holistic skincare regimen consisting of exclusive, artisan blends of organic essential oils.  Our mission is to empower & transcend through a movement to incite the rebirth of the informed consumer.  We aim to increase awareness and help people reconnect with their body and its natural processes.  The media is a primary socialization tool in today's society, and with its ownership concentrated within the hands of just a few major conglomerates, the media messages we receive are often reinforced and unvaried (biased).  

Consumers are not offered any help to decipher these repetitive messages or to understand what function and who's pockets they fill.  Instead, we are taught to feel embarrassed and the media provides us with the social cues we should use to conceal the very "imperfections" that make us unique.   We have been trained to feel embarrassed and seek a quick fix as opposed to alleviate the source (root) of the expressed symptoms.  

As members of a consumer society, we are alienated from our body's most natural processes, and tend to view our skin as a barrier -- but ultimately what we repeatedly put on our skin becomes a part of us; our blood, our mood, and our appearance because our skin is ultimately a permeable layer of protection. For this reason, what you decide to put on your body should be just as important as what you decide to put into your body. With this heightened awareness, Kristie researched, sourced, and developed a line of custom holistic skincare for the betty of you.  

Cosmoceuticals treat the symptom (the breakout, the wrinkle, etc.) as opposed to the cause.  betty&ko takes a holistic approach and views the body as a complex system of processes that work together, rather than treating things in isolation.  

We believe that equilibrium promotes the optimum state for your body to function as the incredible system it is, rather than perpetually turning to “quick fixes” to temporary alleviate our current dis-ease.

"Your body has the wonderful ability to care for and heal itself. Our products have been co-created with nature's finest, organic ingredients to help your body take exceptional care of itself."

All of our products are named after noteworthy betties in history; the movers, shakers, and risk-takers. The associated number is linked to numerology, a system deriving meaning from numbers based on their unique energy signature, or archetype. All of our products are packaged in violet glass, renowned for its superior protective qualities and beautiful aesthetic.

betty&ko products are:

  • Cruelty-Free/ No animal testing.
  • Blended in artisanal batches.
  • Made in the USA
  • Bottled in Violet Glass
  • Only the good stuff! (no water, fillers, preservatives, fragrance).

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